We love making people laugh.

We don't want photos and video to be stressful. It's uncomfortable being in front of the camera. I personally hate it and will avoid it at all costs, which is why I am a photographer. We know it is unnatural, so we want to make sure that you have fun.

We take the discomfort away by being our goofy, awkward, nerdy selves. You won't have time to feel awkward when you're too busy laughing not only with us, but at us. We don't want you to just look at the camera and smile, we are all about movement, fun, and capturing your connection. 


Aleah Anseth   

She is a filmmaker turned photographer, a Tim Burton enthusiast, a Potterhead (Harry Potter fan for the muggles out there), Disney-nerd, and animal lover. 

Aleah's photography is about connection. Her love of storytelling is shown through her work. She is famous for goofy-prompts so she can capture those genuine smiles.


Terran Station

He is a video extraordinaire, a huge history nerd, an online gamer, a Monty Python enthusiast, and a solid beast in the kitchen. 

Terran's shooting style is very quiet. He is usually behind the photographer waiting to capture those cute moments. He is always learning new video and editing techniques to ensure that your story is told cinematically. 

Our Love Story.

We fell in love in Vancouver. 

He was studying computer modeling for games and animation, while I was studying digital film and video chasing my dreams of becoming a director. We were friends who went to the movies frequently, before he asked me out and I told him no. But then he got super sassy and I was a poor college student who could use a free meal, so I reluctantly said yes. 

Little did I know that saying yes was going to be one of the best decisions I was ever going to make in life. 

We had a long distance relationship for 6 months, before he moved back to Vancouver and we got our first apartment together. He came back to study graphic design and photography, while I slaved away on movie sets. While in Vancouver we worked for multiple media companies that specialized in wedding videos and that's when the fire was lit under our butts and we decided to take a leap.


In 2016 we moved back to our home in the Canadian prairies where we launched Fragment Media. In the years since our return to our lovely small town life, we have done so many amazing things. We got engaged atop a mountain, said our vows in a rustic log cabin, and became parents to a beautiful baby girl.  

We understand how exciting the little things in life are. We are huge believers in collecting memories, not things, which is why photography and story-telling is so important to us. If you are looking for a team that you never, EVER, have to worry about being awkward around, then we are your duo. We are so nerdy and goofy that you will probably be laughing both at us and with us.


We put our heart in everything that we do... our hearts just happens to be a little weird. 


We capture the most important fragments of your life.  

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